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Come one, Come all

Witness a battle between "friends" in a format underappreciated by the masses. Watch as we battle it out with legendary creatures and planeswalkers for the right of first-lick on the holy doorknob of vitality.

Players with varying degrees of friendliness, affinity for unneccesary combos, and general competence will clash in our own "patented" Unfriendly Brawl format.

The Unfriendly Brawl is a Magic: the Gathering™ tournament played digitally on Magic Arena.

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Well, more like general guidelines anyway.


"Friendly Brawl 🡆 Unfriendly Brawl"

Players will compete with decks in the "Friendly Brawl" challenge format as defined by Wizards of the Coast. Instead of card legality being limited to Standard legal sets, all cards* on Magic: The Gathering Arena are legal. 

Each deck will be composed of at least 60 cards including one legendary creature or planeswalker that serves as that deck's commander. Players will begin the game at 25 life and are allowed one "free" mulligan.

Unfriendly Brawl

Unfriendly Brawl adds in some changes to allow for a more managed tournament environment than Friendly Brawl. Therefore some cards have been banned and cannot be included in decks. See the banlist.


First to Three Wins

Players will each bring 4 decks with the following requirements:

  • Unified

    • Each card (except for basic lands) can only be present once across a player's lineup.​

At the start of a match, players will ban one of their opponent's decks. After winning a game, the winning deck is locked and cannot be played again. To win the match, a player must win once with each of their three decks that were not banned.

Each game is best-of-one. In the first game, a random player will get to choose who will go first (The Play) and who will go second (The Draw). In each subsequent game, the loser of the previous game decides who will be on The Play and who will be on the Draw.

The player on The Play will announce the deck they will be playing before the player on The Draw will select their deck.


Glory to the Victor

Each season will consist of a group stage where all players are randomly sorted into groups. For group stage matches, every competitor must play one match against each other player in their group.

After the group stage, the top 8 competitors will move on to the bracket stage. Every group will send the same number of representatives to the bracket stage.

Of those players, The top 4 placing competitors will be seeded into a double-elimination winner's bracket which sits overtop the single elimination do-or-die bracket where the remaining competitors are placed.

Bracket pairings will be based on seeding.

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